how to prvent nut rolls from cracking while baking?

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Answered: How do you make a cake roll that doesn't crack

If you mean like a swiss roll. When it comes out of the oven turn it out on to a clean Dish Cloth/ T-Towel sprinkled with sugar and while its still warm roll it up and leave it to cool in that shape. when cool, unwrap, do not completely flatten as it will crack. spread with desired filing and re ...

Answered: Do you hate Ann Coulter because she's not a harmless nut job?

Ann Coulter is more dangerious to the right then anyone else. She exsposes you all the the hateful idiot you are. The fact that you don't see her for the idiot freak-show that she is, only proves what a sad little loony you are.

Answered: Cracked

Your parents would probably guess that you broke it, anyway. I don't think you will get in more trouble by confessing that you broke it, and you will pay to have it fixed. You may get a few lectures on being more careful, or managing anger. Let me give you the first lecture: very seldom can you ...

Answered: Nuts in baked goods

Dried fruit (peach, apricot, banana,plum, prune,Mango,Dates) are good or Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower seeds..!

Answered: Kitchen helpers for baking

Good point! It seems to be a bit better now (text box is back to normal, perhaps I'll try a video or graphic soon), but I'm thinking "vast improvement" is the way to go! See you around the threads!
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It's important to follow all of the beating steps closely when making the batter. Then, make sure not to over- or under-bake the cake. While it's still warm, roll it up with a powdered sugar-coated kitchen towel and let it cool. Carefully unroll the cake, fill it and roll it back up without the ...

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