how to prune balsam fir?

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Answered: Balsam fir tree branches

Try searching on to find a local store that sells them. Good luck!

Answered: Can anyone recommend some recipes for salad dressings that use balsamic

Ingredients 1 sprig fresh oregano 1 sprig fresh thyme 1 cup olive oil 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar salt and pepper to taste Directions In a medium glass mixing bowl combine the oregano, thyme, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix together and pour mixture into a bottle, using a funnel to ...

Answered: Is it termite resistant

What's your question? I'm sure it's termite resistant if it has been treated with the proper chemicals or you have used treated lumber.

Answered: Do you prune a honeysuckle vine, or leave it ?

I would leave it because they grow naturaly, but I really don't see any harm either way

Answered: Pruning Rose of Sharon

Prune them when they are "naked". You will be able to see what you are doing better at this time. You may need to use a chain saw as the branches on plants this tall will be pretty thick. Just make sure that the shrubs receive good care during the growing season before you do such drastic pruning ...

Answered: Will prune baby food stain the lips?

Not something that will remain there forever, anyways here is a cool way to make it by yourself and save some money:
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Trimming douglas fir trees

Hello, To start I am a certified arborist and I am from minnesota where we have douglas fir trees as well. To answer your question as easily as possible you can trim it up as high as you like. Mostly just making sure you dont chop off the top of the tree is the most important part when it comes ...

Balsamic vinegar

If you ask Italians, or lovers of fine foods, they will tell you that flavored Balsamico is an abomination, almost as bad as flavored coffee... Both are made by adding flavoring agents, rarely of natural source. Even if you mix at home Balsamico with raspberry, or any other vinegar- you destroy the ...

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Good question, kids! When I was little, my mom used to say "You've been swimming for too long, your fingers will prune!" Wrinkly fingers and toes, or pruning as some people call it, happen when your skin soaks up water. Our skin has a kind of waterproof oil on it called sebum. That's why water ...