how to prolapse my ass by myself?

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Answered: What causes Lumbar disc prolapses?

The main causes of prolapsed or herniated disc are trauma and degenerative disc disease.

Answered: Law and order s v u

It's really sad that this woman, who believes characters on a fictional TV show are real, doesn't have someone giving her the care she so obviously needs.

Answered: Kiss ass

Nothing like/Better than Victoria's Secret Panties on your skin. I order them Thru a Catalog on the phone.

Answered: Get back to work before befoe i will kick a your ass

Kathy said to tell you hello and she is doing fine since she had the brain surgery. Keep up with your bible studies and forget about a boyfriend and sin.

Answered: Is my ass too big?

I wouldn't know, 'cause I have no idea how your buttocks looks. :p

Answered: Can sexual inactivity cause bladder prolapse?qt=q

Well, to make things clear, sexual inactivity prevents pelvic injuries. If you are not sexually active, then you have lower risk in developing prolapse. However, there are other factors that may also predispose you. Visit, and learn more about pelvic organ prolapse ...
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