how to program scholastic read with me dvd remote?

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Answered: How can i program my remote

Remote for what?

Answered: If you are able to learn how to speed read is it ...

Although it may seem counterintuitive, learning to read faster will actually increase your comprehension and will help you enjoy reading more, even for pleasure. The reason is that once you are able to take in more information at a time, you have a greater understanding of the author's style and ...

Answered: Dvd reader/writer on computer to read ps2 games

window vista is a bizare creature created to generate more home computor revenue for microsoft you may PURCHASE an upgrade for about 700P eye am saving up for a laptop sos eye can download

Answered: Copyrighted dvd program

Actually some DVD burner could both decode the copyrighted dvd movie to burn it to dvd successfully. Personally I use this dvd burner software to burn my movies and videos to DVD and it works pretty well for me with high speed and nice output quality. Try it for free here: http://www.dvd-ripper ...

Answered: Kids helping kids read

Try searching your local libraries to see if they have anything available.

Answered: How to burn a record to a dvd-r disc

Hi Mary, Follow this link to a software program that will work great for you. There's a free and paid version so you can't lose and it's really user friendly. Convert Vinyl to Digital Good luck!
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Need new remote

You can either contact the manufacturer or dealer or buy a genetic remote with instructions how to adapt it for your unit.