how to program a key fob for 2011 impala?

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Answered: How do I program 2008 PT Cruiser key fob

you just can not program it, when you'll accept that fact this is when you'll realize the information is usefull.

Answered: How do you program comfort access to my new key fob on my 2009 mini

I will try to check my battery with my own volt meter and then I will leave it on a charger for a little while. The car started quickly with the jump so I am not sure the battery is failing. The battery is a replacement and is probably two years old. Neither of the fobs worked but I may have only ...

Answered: What does fob mean concerning keys?

A fob is typically defined as a chain to attach a pocket watch to a waistcoat, or an ornament on such a chain, or a pocket used for a watch. One of the less common definitions of fob is a metal or plastic tab on a key ring.

Answered: I do not drive my 96 ss impala that often runs then the battery goes

looks like you have to get a new battery for it ~mike Hypertech

Answered: I need a key 1964 vespa scooter

I can see why you don't usually do web searches for people. Your sorry A$$ don't know sht about scooters.

Answered: How do you program a new key for a "Smart" car

You need to go to a dealer's shop in order to "teach" the car's computer to recognise the key.
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