How to price collectible postage stamps?

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Answered: ASKING ALL STAMP COLLECTORS; I have a John Paul ...

I am not familiar with stamp collecting, but the A & B suggests to me that there were two versions of the stamp printed or, perhaps, two values.

Answered: I have some Austrian stamps with KUK Feldpost at ...

Your stamps are probably from WWI, when Austria fought Italy. I don´t have any catalogs handy, so I can´t check now whether you´ll find them on the last pages of Austria in e.g. Michel´s catalog, or under "Italy, Austrian occupation". These military field post stamps are quite common since large ...

Answered: How can i start a stamp collection? has anyone got any advice on how to

Hello there! I have several inexpensive 'starter' stamp albums in my stock, available from $10.00 + shipping, with some higher. The email address is ''. If you are interested, send a quick email & I'll send details on what I have. Hope you start a collection, it's a really great ...

Answered: When did it only take a one cent stamp to send a post card?

According to a U S P S history I just Googled up, penny postcards were first offered in 1898, and were available until Jan 1, 1952, when the price was doubled to two cents. Inflation strikes again!!

Answered: Stamp collecting

Usually extraneous paper is bits of scrap that get on the sheets when the stamps are being printed; when removed, the area they covered are missing the design and color. Does the plate block in question have an unprinted/uninked area ?

Answered: How much is a 3 cent postage stamp worth?

Typically a 3 cent postage stamp is worth 3 cents. There are some commemoratives that are possibly worth more due to scarcity.
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If your collection is valuable (everything is relative, but say worth 50 bucks or more) I´d recommend an auction arranged by a reputable stamp dealer or a philatelic association; if not that valuable, why not post it on ebay with a minimum price?

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Anton Bruckner is an Austrian organist and composer of romantic music.

How can i find this stamp book collection?

Unfortunately you don't specify exactly WHAT 'stamp book collection' you are looking for. Is it a 'stamp album' that you are searching for? Does it have a specific name on the cover? Is it for a particular country or topic, such as 'butterflies on stamps'? Add these details & someone (maybe me!) can ...

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Get in contact with a stamp collectors´ club i your area, chances are you will find someone willing to help you estimate the value of the collection - the real value, I mean, not a catalog value - and find a suitable stamp auction, should you want to sell the collection. My advice is: if it is very ...