how to price antique mall items?

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i printed it from internet last night its under how to find values for your antiques and collectibles

Answered: Martinsville Indiana Antiques Manor House Antique Mall

Why abuse this site with your free advertising...WE have all seen enough of you!

Answered: I'm selling an item for $200.00 what would be the bidding price to start

What is the item, what is the age, and what is the condition?

Answered: Conrad Indianapolis Hotel Manor House Antique Mall

why are you wasteing peoples space for your $$$$ gain

Answered: Greenfield Indiana Antiques Manor House Antique Mall Indianapolis

Ok enough of spamming us with your ads. Please stop! Go out and sell something or dust your furniture instead of wasting your time spamming us.
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AOL is free for broadband users, and service is pretty bad. Or did you mean some other company, like a cable company?

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Read Home page this is for people to share knowlege not to advertise and sell junk!