how to preserve a live evergreen wreath?

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Answered: Wreaths across america 2012 at Cemetery of the Alleghenies PA

Make & sell Buddy Poppies. VFW has the kits. Lest we forget . . .. Lest we forget.

Answered: How to make an evergreen wreath

Hi there, I know this answer is a bit old, but I hope this might help you anyway. I have a video on my website that show how we make real pine wreaths. . Hope this helps

Answered: Wreath making help

ok, I realize thismay be just a little old...However, it seems that no one commented on your question, so I sill do what I can. First of all you need to be sure that the pine is fresh to start with. Second of all you need to place them in a cool place. If your weather isn't cold yet, consider a ...

Answered: Preserving Green Onions?

I've never tried this! I think it would depend what you wanted to use them for. if you'd just like to be able to put them in cooked food (i.e. refried beans etc.) you could chop and freeze them in the same way you'd freeze berries (spread them on a baking sheet and transfer them in a jar or ziplock ...

Answered: Preservation

The best way for you to preserve artifacts made of bamboo culms is to do the following: if it is possible make sure they are mature (four to eight years old) and have been harvested in the dry season. Once the culms are harvested, it is best to place them in a well-ventilated, covered, shaded area ...

Answered: How to preserve a slice of bread

Dear Mildred: I use plastic quart ziploc bags and freeze my slices. I place 2 slices in each qt. bag...sometimes a tight squeeze, but do-able...and then place them back into the original plastic bread bag--i.e. double sealing. When you need the slice(s), take out and let thaw for a few minutes in ...
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Use ether to kill them if they are not already dead. Mix your clear resin and fill your mold halfway and position the insect in there immediately. use toothpicks or sticks or whatever you have and when you have it displayed the way you want it, pour the other half of the resin very slowly to the ...

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Clothing (includes linen, towels, etc.): Clothing containing body fluids (i.e., blood and semen) or containing hair or fiber evidence will be stored in a paper bag to preserve evidence. The paper bag will be placed in a red plastic biohazard bag for transport to the Evidence Room. The biohazard ...

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I dont know if this will help, but try going to They have some really delicious recipes. I believe I have seen some "canning" in their site. Hope this helps. Jo Ann