how to prepare mussels in a presure cooker utube?

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Answered: Are they mussels in a pond

thank you for info it has been helpful

Answered: How can I get help in Science for test preparation ?

Use of these websites anytime we can get help for any assignment, test preparation and specific question help,,.

Answered: Change from electric cookers to gas cookers

If Eric Clemens is posting his usual nonsense then it's only a matter of time until his alter ego Jesse Conant appears.

Answered: Why do i throwup every time i eat mussels

They either really don't agree with you or you're allergic to them. I suggest you stop eating mussels.

Answered: Are rice cookers better for producing more sticky rice for sushi?

Rice cookers are so useful, they do all the hard work for you and I've never had a batch of rice not turn out perfectly from mine.

Answered: Why does my utube stop and go take forever to watch something

The most common reason for video stopping and starting is that your Internet connection is too slow. Dial-up connections are limited to 53 kbps, which is too slow for video. You need at least DSL speed of 768 kbps for streaming video, and you need higher speed for high-definition video. 3 Mbps is ...
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How do i prepare mussels?

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