how to prepare for the polar bear plunge?

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Answered: Polar Bear Plunge

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Answered: Polar plunge

You're welcome. There is no shame in not being stupid and just watching from the sidelines. Pick a spot to watch from by the ambulance, and maybe you will get a chance to overhear the attendants reminesce about other polar plunge disasters. Here is a quote from an article: Tim MacGuire, 25, of ...

Answered: Polar bear come in peace

These are polar bears, but what is your question about them?

Answered: Polar bears

Hi Tammy, --------- It is difficult to estimate a global population of polar bears as much of the range has been poorly studied, however biologists use a working estimate of about 20,000-25,000 polar bears worldwide. --------- Best regards,

Answered: Should Knut the Polar Bear move?

he's welcome as my neighbor

Answered: Polar Bear Watching Tours

From reading a little about polar bear watching, it looks really awesome and special. I found a really great site that tells all about polar bears, about polar bear watching, and about prices for trips. I would check it out. I think it might answer a lot of your questions. If you do decide to ...
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Want to buy polar bear mold by laura cobabe where do I find her?

Thank you but thats just the greenware I want to purchase the mold to pour my own.

Should any polar bears be in zoos?

yes they should be in zoo...

Slewing bearing

Slewing bearings can take thrust load,moment load and radial load.Our slewing bearing can be divided into three types;ball types: ball type, roller type and ball-roller type.In structure,the bearing can be single-row,double row or triple-row.Type of structure,there are single-row,double-rows and ...

Is it true polar bears are endangered?:(

Yes. Their habbitat shrinks, less and less ice and that means less and less prey (=food). The number of Polar bears sharply decline every year. Please remember that the Polar bears have to gain fat before the winter (when they fall into sleep [hidranate]). Without enough food before winter they ...