how to prepare a fentanyl patch to be injected?

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Answered: Where can I buy Synaditen injection?

Amazon ,where I can buy the Synaditen

Answered: How can I get help in Science for test preparation ?

Use of these websites anytime we can get help for any assignment, test preparation and specific question help,,.

Answered: prep a fentanyl patch for immediate

Why do you have fentanyl and immediate what?

Answered: How many deaths from fentanyl patch in USA?

TOO MANY! This medication is getting to our young people by physicians who are writing the rx like giving candy. I am on a mission to get it out of hands and make it harder to get. I just lost a son to this medication, error in using it. 2 others died this past week age 18 and 27

Answered: Mylan, I heard you had a "patch" that goes over the

i also had trouble keeping the patch on. I would put an opsite or tegaderm film over it to keep it on.
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i'd try neither. it's very dangerous and not worth it.

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Objective to 32 cases of cancer is terminal patients with pain, not oral opiates painkillers, adopt fentanyl transdermal patches for topical treatments. Observe before drug pain intensity, quality of life, adverse reaction conditions. Methods for pain generally ease rate complex (30/32), including ...

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I have no experience in this type of thing, but aren't you doing this under the supervision of a doctor or a trained medical person? I would think this is the person you should be asking this type of question.