how to pray for Isreal?

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Answered: Religion & spirituality, christianity, how do i pray for

If someone asks you to pray for them, ask them their name. Then put their name in your heart and when you send your prayers send their name with them- kind of like an email attachment. If you don't know their name, focus on their face, and attach that to your prayer. For whatever is going on in ...

Answered: Protection pray for asking questions to a gost.

Rest assured, ghosts exist. However, as they are of such low energy that their presence can only be sensed mentally, then there is no cause to think that they can affect us. Atheists, however, can and do affect us in an entirely negative manner, in that they are known to aggressively persecute ...

Answered: Praying mantis

I don't care if they're endangered or not, I'm just happy to have them around.(even if they do eat their mate)

Answered: Moving to isreal

i have not found the answe yet
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In 1960 was George Rubin a memmber of Adath Isreal of Brownsville ?

I'm not sure. I'd suggest contacting Adath Israel to ask them directly.

I know it is good to pray for the soul of someone who had passed away

I have found that talking to them, realizing they are in a different spiritual realm but still connected to us, gives me peace and I feel I'm giving them peace, that my faith of staying connected to God is connecting with them. God is a spirit of love, we all are bound together by that same spirit ...

What was the agreement between isreal and u.S.In 1935,between u.S

It doesn't matter if our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster posts under anonymous or one of his many aliases you can't tell one apart from the others. Do you really think he believes that he thinks he's fooling anyone or do you just think he's lonely and this is all he has ...

Pray for Gaza--Gaza needs our prayers!

Why does our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster continue to post under these aliases when everyone knows he's doing it. He has posted for over 17 hours and 108 posts under just 4 of his aliases, Brother B., Harley S., The fake Marine and Fred G. Brother B. has posted ...