how to play spider solitaire on sylvania 7 inch tablet-where is the trackball to deal cards?

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Answered: Impression 7 inch tablet

See if these people will help. They seem to be ready for you to type your question. 2FHow_to_download_apps_from_android_market_on_an_impression_7_tablet-qna1403067.html

Answered: Petrol saving cards?

Hey, I have a Duo Platinum MasterCard from Maybank which according to me is the best credit card for petrol savings. You get 5% cash rebates on petrol.

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Look at the question again OronD. 19.25 not 9.25

Answered: Samsung Galaxy Tablet

You can check and buy it from some online stores:

Answered: Why WONT my wireless mouse move cards in spider solitaire?

You could have the movement scaled down. Or you could have the wrong driver. Or maybe this is the kind of mouse that needs a gridded surface to work. If the cursor moves, then maybe the button doesn't work. You could have the mouse set to reverse the buttons.
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