how to play i want you to know on ukulele?

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Answered: How is Play Cou spelled, near the Cambodian Boarder, Viet Nam?

I think you mean Pleiku. There was an air base there.

Answered: Ukulele Players???

Once the ukulele was considered as a toy and overlooked for its small size. Today players take it more seriously as a versatile, modern instrument. Here is a list of great ukulele players: * Ernest Kaai * "King" Benny Nawahi * John Kameaaloha Almeida * Jesse Kaleihia Andre Kalima * Andy Cummings ...

Answered: Ukulele Manufacturers??

There are several ukulele manufacturers. Some make high quality ukuleles while some produce moderate and budget-priced ukuleles. Here is a list of both high quality and budget ukulele manufacturers: High quality ukuleles: * Gstring * Mele * Glyph * Koaloha * Kamaka * DaSilva * Ko’olau * Moore ...

Answered: I want to help

Decidermyass is another Gay Rocmike alias. The mentally ill loser posts to himself and gives himself views. Gay Rocmike, can you explain to us how you've gotten 2,000 views when nobody posts on your questions. GAY ROCMIKE'S MENTAL ILLNESS IS GETTING WORSE BY THE DAY. In the last 24 plus hours gay ...

Answered: I wnt to play by myself, not with another person

Are you asking a question or making a statement? I'm presuming you refer to a particular game of some kind, but since you don't provide any links or clarification of some sort, I don't know what to suggest. Is there a reason you cannot just go ahead and play alone?

Answered: Can I use classical guitar (nylon) strings on my Tenor ukulele?

Sure. The guy I bought my ukulele from had it strung with guitar strings as if it was a tenor guitar. Why would you want to do that, is my question? Lots of people play guitar, but very few play ukulele. The actual strings are the same, it is the notes that each one plays that is different. A ...
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