how to play a ps3 game on another console?

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Answered: What ps3 do i need to buy to play my ps2 games on and how do i save ps2

check your ps3 console at this site to see if it is backwards-compatible with ps2 discs. good luck and have fun with your games!

Answered: Can I play a ps2 game from japan on a ps3?

I think you can.but you can try,good luck to you!

Answered: List of games that don't work with ps3 There's your list :)

Answered: Do PS3 Games work on PS2?

well i am geting a ps3 or xbox360 because ps2 games are soon all going to be out in stores. They are not going to sell anymore. So plz tell me guy wich one is better ps3 or xbox 360

Answered: How much will it cost to down load emulators to play ps2 games on the

I have played PS2 games on my PS3 without any emulators.

Answered: How can i save my ps2 games into a memory stick so i could load them into

Insert your memory stick in memory sticker reader then connect to PC. Insert a PS2 Game in DVD-Rom then copy directly to memory stick. You can play PS2 game from memory stick to PS3 console.
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Can i play PS3 games on a PS2?

They will not run. Most of the PS3 games are Bluray format and the PS2 is incapable of reading them. The PS3 or at least most versions of it can play most PS2 games but there are conflicts in some older or peripheral titles. I tried it myself when I purchased Venetica and wanted to play on my PS2 ...

Do you have to connect the ps3 to the internet to ...

the ps3 comes with wireless interenet,you can try.

I have a ps3 (60gig) that plays PS2 Games but not PS3 games..any ideas

Dude, if you spent the ridiculous amount of money it takes to get a PS3 and it doesn/t play PS3 games the obvious answer is to take it back and get one that works.