how to pick up a neighbors wi-fi signal?

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Answered: Where can I find the network security password for a new wi fi

I'm short on knowledge and your short on information. You need to contact who you have broadband with. I'll give you a web site to help you get the information you need. ------------------ ---------------- I have AT&T UVerse and the router ...

Answered: How to shoot a WI FI signal to a neighbors house?

Mostly WIFI residential wireless router have 100m range capacity, beyond this range you need an amplifier to boost up the signal.

Answered: Internet Wi-fi usb boost incoming signals from the air

go to ebay...enter wi fi booster in the search box...they have over 1000 diffrent ones and this would be a good starting point to see what options are out there...also google "cantenna" and youtube "cantenna" you can make these yourself..hope this helps.

Answered: Travel time how many hours from Green Bay, WI to Thorp, WI

With good driving conditions and average traffic, about 2 & 1/2 up to 3 hours. per Mapquest. That area gets snow fairly often, so check the driving conditions before you start out. Wisconsin has a website that gives current road conditions.
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From Status in Private Wi/FI click on Activate & system says

Hi Tom: Unfortunately, the feature you are asking is not supported by AOL.

Does a mac book (not a macbook pro)have a built in wi-fi finder? so i can

Hi L33t, Every Macbook model comes with built in AirPort Extreme wireless connectivity. If you go to your system preferences, and go to into network you should be able to see and enable the AirPort adapter. In most cases its also visible in the upper right corner of your screen, next to the audio ...

How can I password protect my Wi-Fi connection?

There is a great article on that should be able to help you secure your wifi connection.

How do i find my wi/fi password?

open your web browser, then visit your router by typing its address, for me it is like 192.168.X.1 Then open the WIFI control page, you can see your password in WIFI security options.