how to peak and tune cobra 25 ltd classic cb radio?

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Answered: Looking for Browning Tech in Laconia N.H. Or a CB shop near there. Also

Have you tried searching for a local place?

Answered: How to turn a 2 way radio into a cb radio

Try checking into different Two Way radio or Communication Gea r Website they have a lot of related information with regards to your querries.

Answered: How to use a mobile matcher for cb radio

Since you probably aren't using much power on CB, you would be better off matching the antenna to the radio. Using a matchbox doesn't really solve the problem..It absorbs the reflected power, but doesn't do much for recovering the lost power. Use a SWR (Standing Wave Ratio)meter to check for any ...

Answered: Classic Looney Tunes Comics

Here's a couple things that may be contributing to the popularity... Classic Looney Tunes Comics are hard to find collectables, these are the 1970 series from Gold Key Publishing - original cover to cover, with all ads in all colors. I also found a blog post that says the boost in popularity this ...

Answered: What is one half of 19.25 inches

Look at the question again OronD. 19.25 not 9.25

Answered: Has anyone had a bad experience with refinishing a mahogany classic boat

Mary, I had my classic Chris-Craft Runabout Super Sport "refinished" by Gordy Neimi. Contact me at 425-392-5143 Bob
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Pace CB 8041 frequency alignment, this is a fairly ...

I decided to investigate this myself as I sometimes do when I get antsy waiting for an answer. With the radio upside down, the front facing you, you will see just to the left of center a crystal with a small pot next to it with a smakk screw. This is the fine tune one. Look a little towards the back ...

I have a 2980 that one day the Freq. Counter went ...

Your rig has lost the signal that inputs info into the digital frequency counter. since this signal is zero the read out is stuck @10.695 Mhz. Look for a cable going to the counter module that is has become disconnected or a bad solder joint. This will be a shielded type cable and should be easy to ...