How to pass an online employment survey?

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Answered: What is the best web site to get paid for taking online survey

Hi there. I actually run a blog dedicated to hunting down successful online survey sites and avoiding scams. Take a look here:

Answered: Does Singaporean government impose any quantitative restrictions on the

There are some restrictions on the number of people getting employment passes to work in Singapore. You can get more information on this from the ministry of manpower's website of Singapore and here .

Answered: Best Paid Online Survey Web Sites?

Go to this website and earn quite an amount of pocket money.

Answered: How much is "good" pay for taking a survey?

Yes…..this Free website>>> Is very good!!! Been with them for a year now

Answered: I have been doing online surveys from time to time, but I haven't

I get paid about $200 a month through but only about half of that is from surveys. The rest is from watching videos online and mobile. It is pretty easy and you can get paid as soon as you make enough for a $5 reward, but i usually cash mine out at $100
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What websites are good for doing paid surveys from home? I'm concerned

you wont make money from any that you have to pay for. avoid survey club and surveys 4 checks

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I do earn a couple hundred a month by doing surveys and watching videos ( The great part is you don't have to wait til you earn hundreds to cash out. You can get your reward with as little as $5 or up to $250 at a time!!