how to paint spilled water?

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Answered: What should i do i spill water on my blackberry ...

It may be too late. I have the same phone and got caught in a severe rain storm in addition to dropping it while raining. Take the cover off and set it out in the direct sunlight for several hours. This will evaporate the water out hopefully. Mine seems ok for a bit.

Answered: How to Fix the BP Spill

Ths oil spill can be stopped at the well sight by using super tankers posted there to suck up oil as it is coming to the surface. Had this been done on day 2 of the spill there would be no oil in the gulf. Bp is and has been using old outdated methods discarded years ago.

Answered: Can I use oil based lacquer over water based paint on a piece of

No . It is not recommendable at all . Remove the water based paint and apply oil based lacquer all together . Otherwise the lacquer wont take ; it will fall of . Always use compatible materials .

Answered: How can sewer water drainage be higher than water usage?

If you drink something other than tap water, like juice, soda or bottled water, the water content will be in your sewage. Also the water content of fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon.

Answered: Difference between latex paint and water based paint

Latex paints are water based paints. They contain water and acrylic polymer which makes them smooth for easy application. Oil based paints contain oil, thinner and pigments, and they are not water based. As such there is no distinguishing feature between latex and water based paints. Water based ...
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This is the WHO formula for oral rehydration- A basic oral rehydration therapy solution is composed of:[20] [21] [22] 30 ml (6 level tsp) of sugar 2.5 ml (1/2 level tsp) of salt, dissolved into 1 litre (4.25 Cups) of clean water (Note that these expedient rehydration mixtures do not ...

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wood, go back to worthpoint and try ask community its free.....good luck

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it not his fault

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