how to Overclock an AMD Sempron SDA2500AI03BX processor?

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Answered: Amd railroad what does A M D stand for muy dad used to talk about the A M

I can't find any AMD railroad in the United States, past or present. Maybe it was A&D, Atlantic & Danville, in Virginia.

Answered: Intel or AMD? (entry level)

I love Intel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered: Processor lights

I'd say it's flucked up. (Sorry, but you asked for that one)

Answered: There's a small program for Intel processors to ...

AMD don't have an program to monitor overheating, and it is a known issue with them that they are prone to overheating.

Answered: What are the basics of food processors?

A food processor basically consists of the following easily manageable, movable and removable parts: A heavy, stable housing unit or base that houses the processor’s motor. A food processor’s heavy base is designed to provide stability while the appliance is in operation. The base housing unit ...

Answered: What is considered good computer processor speed today?

i just wanna surf the web and multi media task,download and burn cd,dvds and maybe games but i would do that with out doing other things. i hav a compaq it has a 3200 amd athlon...had it for atleast 5yrs and it must have many virus's i cant detect...its so slow is im downloading and surfing at same ...
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What size processor

You should go with an AMD AM2 processor. They are 100% compatible with 939 socket and some are dual core such as this one Athlon 64 X2 5200 Brisbane 2.7ghz Dual core. Try The processor will have a fan and heatsink and cooling paste already applied. I would recomend getting a antistatic ...

How to pick the right processor I was wondering ...

Already answered this same post like a month ago!....Do you have a 'stuttering' problem?.....

Amd or dual core

Intel all the way. You can get up close and personal with the new Intel core processors on 26th Feb (tomorrow) in Intel Live Chat where in house Intel experts will answer anything and everything about Intel processors.

AMD equivalent to the Intel Pentium 4 2GHz processor

The Athlon and Pentium 4 are not the same. One is made by Intel and the other by AMD. The Athlon can outperform a higher clocked Pentium 4 because of a superior core design and can perform more instructions per cycle. The Athlon also runs cooler and draws less power than a Pentium. The Athlon's are ...