how to open locked door in katzensteins lab in wizard 101?

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Answered: Wizard101 dinosaur pet

Dinosaur as a pet? wow. It definitely can not enter at my house' dog doors . Lol

Answered: Locked garage door

Yes. There is a special tool we (locksmiths) use just for that. Essentially its a thin flexible rod with a hook bent on the end that you slide in on top of the garage door, snare the emergency release cord and pull. If you need additional information, you may contact me through my website. http ...

Answered: Open a door with a bump key

if you do that you must change the lock

Answered: Door locks

there a bad relay switch

Answered: I think the trip switch does not work on the motor to stop the door from

all garage doors have limit switch the prevents door from going to much either way, it can be adjusted or replaced. Im not sure if your talking about the STOP button? if so STOP button only breaks the circuit for a monent which trips a relay to stop the motor if thats what your talking about its ...
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I've included a link that will answer your question about rekeying typical Kwikset. There are some exceptions with the smart key. Let me know if you need any additional information via my website. The link - My website - http ...

My glass doors broke while a fire was going, is it because I had the

My guess is you did what i did years ago , Bumped the glass with a log and put a hairline crack that turned into a brake .

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Most interior doors use a 2-3/8" backset bore and exterior doors are 2-3/4". That is the measurement to the center of the door knob from the edge of the door. Almost all knobs come with an adjustable backset now. Interior doors are usually 1-3/8" thick and exteriors normally 1-3/4" thick. Just be ...