How to open locked desk drawer without key?

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Answered: Cylinder Locks

the mech inside is probably broken. Call a locksmith

Answered: Open a door with a bump key

if you do that you must change the lock

Answered: My child stuck a twig in the front door lock. Is there any way to clear

Depending on where he stuck the twig into the keyway. You can get a small fish hook with a barb, straighten it out and run it in on top of the twig with the barb towards the twig and pull it out. If this does not work, you may have to call a locksmith for key extraction or twig extraction. All is ...

Answered: Where can I find a key?

I needed a skeleton key to open a cabinet and I found a key in an Antique Shop that sold old furniture. They had a whole jar full of skeleton keys. They might even have a roll top desk that they might be able to compare keys to.

Answered: What is the address of the Desk Drawer LLC. Women's clothing stores in

I tried doing a search online and came up with nothing. Sorry.

Answered: How do I open a locked desk drawer?

Many thanks for your reply. I will try taking the center drawer out and look for a latch, catch, or whatever might release the 3 drawers on that side. I appreciate your taking the time to answer. Joss
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