how to open a file for pdf?

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Answered: Opening PDF files in XP & Win 2000

Something in your Acrobat Reader installation got broken I can guess. You can install a free FoxIt Reader instead.

Answered: A MAC PDF reader that will open any PDF File free download

For reading PDFs download Adobe Reader for Mac, seven versions from OS 10.5 through 10.10. Go to and click on Adobe Reader in the bottom right corner.

Answered: What program will open a pdf file?

A PDF file is normally opened with the free Adobe Reader, downloadable from You do not have to include the optional extras like Chrome.

Answered: E-mails with .pdf files as an attachment are opening up with hp image

Thank you so much! It worked. I just couldn't figure out how to change the association in an e-mail. There were no options like the options given on the desk top. Thanks again. Sharon

Answered: I cannot open pdf files while in AOL. I can save ...

Using AOL Desktop 9.7 I am able to open PDF files while in AOL. If you can download PDF files and then open them, I would guess that you have Adobe Reader installed. Possibly reinstalling Adobe Reader would fix this problem. I have had no PDF troubles with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Are ...

Answered: PDF File

If you are not able to purchase pdf reader and you can do one thing that you can convert your pdf in word. For this just click , register, login and convert your pdf.
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Making changes to a PDF file.

You can turn ordinary PDF files to page flipping files via Kvisoft flipbook maker pro. Personally, I love to see the page flipping ebooks on iPad.

PDF File Recovery Software

PDF File Repair software helps you to repair corrupted or inaccessible PDF file with in second. This software completely recovers page-tree, cross reference table and other items from corrupted or damaged PDF file. It is works on every version of PDF and all window operating system. For any ...

PDF to DOC Conversion?

Kernel For PDF to Word software is a perfect software for PDF to doc conversion. The software can safely convert multiple PDF file to Doc in few seconds. You can easily install and run. It is user-friendly tool for all users. Know for more detail :

Cant open pdf

You need Adobe Reader to view a PDF. Free download from