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Answered: How old is my sewing machine? Brother VX-1140 G77114475

It's More than Years old,but I don't Know Exactly. sewing contractor

Answered: How do I sew a scarf with fringe on each end

You can click on the This blog has introduced a variety of scarves

Answered: My mom just bought a brand new sewing machine she ...

Many stores that sell material and machines and stuff offer lessons. Check with those.

Answered: What size sewing machine needle is best for sewing jeans

I think for Denim or Jeans (Style 2026) needles are recommended for sewing denim, jeans and canvas. ====== Buy quality denim aprons at discount price.

Answered: What is the best beginner sewing machine?

6 best sewing machines for beginners. 1. John Lewis JL110, Teal 2. Brother LX25, 3. Husqvarna Viking E20, 4. Janome 525s, 5. Pfaff Passport 2.0, 6. Bernina B330, For more Details Refer:

Answered: Sewing Machine Tote??

Try making your own. Use brown paper bag or other sturdy paper to make the pattern. I would use strong upholstery fabric and a cording for the edges. Make sure your handles are secured well with maybe gromets to give extra strength. Put a peice of cover cardboard in the bottom for added stregth ...
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What type bobbins does an altas percession sewing machine take?

Find your model number on your machine. It could be also anywhere. Look on the bottom and the wheel especially. Then look it up on line by the name of the machine and plug in the model number. If that doesn't work then email the company or take it to a sewing machine store that sells sewing ...

Kwik Sew pattern 1551 Is this it?

How hard is it to teach yourself how to sew? What ...

This would depend on weather you want to learn to hand sew or use a sewing machine. hand sewing is about the handeling the fabric, making small even stitches the same distance from the edge. Machine sewing intales learning to use your machine as well as sewing consitant seams. Some high school ...

How to sew python skin

Is the skin soft? I would use a hemming tape between the stitches and the skin. This way the stitches won't tear through the skin...You can find it at any sewing center...I would also use a stretch stitch so it will give some... And clear Monofilament Thread...