how to monitor for Normal Potassium Level at home?

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Answered: How to bring testosterone level to normal in women

Im on adderall and my testerone levels are to low , what can I do to bring it up?

Answered: My husband PSA was .3 is this normal? thank you

Hi Kristi, Yes the results are perfect. Up to 4 ng/ml (nano-grams per mili-litter) is normal. He has 0.3 ng/ml so it's just perfect. Best regards,

Answered: DVR Lx425W can you use a computer monitor without using the internet

very helpful,thought thatI could use monitor,just wanted to check before I Bought the item

Answered: Noise monitoring software

Noise-Hub software provides you with a sophisticated and clear platform for communicating with single or multiple noise monitoring terminals.

Answered: My husband had prostrate cancer he had it removed ...

Unless the psa level is down you should take him to your doctor regularly. You can ask your doctor to check that it has not spread to the other parts of the body. Its always better to have the tests done and investigated on time than worry later... Just to share some additional information here. I ...

Answered: Does it differ to have different readings of ...

depends on the ratio of cholestrol components which are HDL and LDL the higher the HDL is better u can check the normal values for them in an laboratory website i dont reall recall the optimum but i remeber that LDL more than 160 is high
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