how to modify adsl modem 2012\?

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Answered: How do I send data to the internet using cable modem connection

You can send faxes using your cable modem by subscribing to an internet faxing service .

Answered: Problems with ADSL modem

hi lior, thanks for your answer. as you advised i contacted my ISP. they fixed it on the next day. the problem was a bad line or something similar to that. Now everything seems to be working fine. Thanks again.

Answered: Adsl modem

ADSL= asynchronous digital subscriber line. Means you can use the phone at the same time as being connected to the Internet.Paul

Answered: Why does my modem start and stop frequently

Your modem may stop transmitting (or slow down a lot) if there is noise on the line. It could also be that a site is overloaded and often stops transmitting. It might be the AOL ads site, or the Huffington Post.

Answered: Can i use a VDSL Modem for ADSL service?

I agree with kitt. I would ask my (Internet Service Provider) ISP. 99partshunter

Answered: For the channel news to get the the consturtion co. that build the

Found the name Finfrock Construction.
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nothing change both are equal but we can move with mobile ...advantage lolz!!

I am buying a new computer. I have a router and modem at home do I need

yes, you have to install modem driver as well as lan card driver in your computer.

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Why do i need 2 modems one for digital phone ...

Two reasons: 1. The combined modem is much more expensive than two seperate modems. 2. if one service is down you still have the other operational.