how to mix paint colors to olive drab?

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Answered: Paint color

I think that red, deep blue, and light blue would all look great. Use red for a warmer, comfy setting and blue for a sophisticated, modern, chic look <a href="">Paint Color Trends</a>.

Answered: I Own a 2002 holiday rambler and i need some touch paint,the color is

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Answered: Interior paint color

I think that red, deep blue, and light blue would all look great. Use red for a warmer, comfy setting and blue for a sophisticated, modern, chic look. Paint Color Trends

Answered: Can you use the Genisis paint system on 300 # streched watercolor paper

Is this for fine art or industrial art? WHy not use the paint on the water color paper if you prime it first? or do you somehow want the effect of the oil paint seeping through? THe oil paint will seep through the paper without being primed, but experiment, what the heck.

Answered: Once an acrylic painting is dry can you paint over ...

Yes sure, once the acrylic paint is dry we can paint over it, but the next question is what type of color you are painting over it, do you need it temporarily or permanent. Its all depend on your choice...

Answered: Can I paint with acrylics over top of a watercolor painting after the

Yes you can but if the water color is temporary or not for a long time the additional acrylic effect will be also for time being.
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Wow! With all the stores still in business who sell paint I am baffled and confused wondering why you came here for one of us to do your leg work. Its called common sense. Try the yellow pages for starters, or 411. DAAA!

Paint color

Well I really love lots of bold colors in my house. I have a similar situation. I went with a shade that totally blended with my living room, but was actually a different color. For example you could go with a blue that blends with your living room, or a completely different color that still accents ...

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You can have fun with color in your kitchen. If your cabinets are dark and you have a few walls and angles, three colors that work well together are lemonade, apple green paint with small pops of red in your accessories. That gives you a clean modern look. If you like traditional or provincial ...

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