how to mix minwax stain colors to get dark cherry on poplar?

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Answered: Screen Too Dark

Laptop ? I can't give exact directions because my notebook motherboard died. Anyway -- start button -- control panel -- see if down at the bottom an icon for mobility center ? Check all parts for slider bar to brightin. I did a Google search and found this ----------------------- http://windows ...

Answered: Why cant light colors of clothes look good on a dark skin person?

things like mustard or light green doesn't look good with darker skin. Try either bold or dark. I wear alot of blue and black and teal also looks good with dark skin too. I think any shade of blue looks nice with darker skin in my opinion.

Answered: Please give me some makeup tips for my coloring. Thanks!

This is a good article: I think that their suggestion of matching a plum \ wine color lipstick for fair skin is really good - why not give it a shot?!

Answered: I have a country kitchen painted light yellow, what color of stain would

Something like a Colonial Pine or Vermont Maple if you don't have a lot of decorative items about. If you have a lot of eye appealing items such as pictures and pots and pans hanging about, which makes the kitchen become very active, you'd want an even darker color to keep the flow going something ...

Answered: Alter darkness of stain

If you want to darken oil stain, you can do it with a very dark colored oil stain. i.e dark walnut into a light color stain, i.e. golden oak. If you are using a water base stain, oil based pigment or stain won't blend together with the water based stain. You have to have a water based product for ...
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