how to measure crossbow bolts?

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Answered: How do you measure your lot in brown county, wis.

Unless the laws of physics are different in Brown County, I would guess you'd do it the same way they do it everywhere else.

Answered: Wt of bolts

Yes, the wt is omportant. Some states regulate the wt of broadheads. But the more important factor is the total shaft wt, including the shaft, fletching and broadhead wt. If that is not consistent (within +- 5 grs or so) , the effect of gravity will reduce accuracy. My suggestion is to use a digital ...

Answered: Need one to measure color

The tray is removable. Max capacity is 1000 gm.

Answered: Cooking measurements

The ill is a traditional unit of volume for liquids, especially wine and other alcoholic beverages. The gill is 1/4 pint . In the U. S. customary system, one gill is equal to 1/2 cup , 4 fluid ounces, 7.21875 cubic inches, or about 118.3 milliliters. In the British Imperial ...

Answered: Equavilent measure for chopped vs dried

I would add 1/4 cup of dried parsley as it is much smaller when it is dried.

Answered: Torx bolt size-F150 bed

The site at has the answers to your questions about all the guides on building a bed.
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