how to market high school career and technical education programs?

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Answered: Do online schools provide the same quality education as traditional

Yes, they are. Just make sure you're training at an accredited college online and you read reviews and get alumni feedback. The trick with this is to do your research BEFORE you go in and stay disciplined (especially since online education can seem unimportant because of the lack in face-to-face ...

Answered: Job shadowing programs for high school students los Angeles, CA

Try contacting your high school guidance counselor to find out what job shadowing programs are available in your area. Good luck.

Answered: Which High School should I go to? Plz help me!

In California, students can attend any of the high schools for their school district, if there is room. There are magnet schools for music, for example, that have students from the whole district. Transportation may be left to the student (or their parents). In a small district, there might be ...

Answered: How to have a memorial for a high school suicide victim 2012

rename one of the libraries or rooms if he was good in education.or a small area in the playground as a holy corner to pray for the soul.

Answered: High school

You obviously aren't there yet.

Answered: I have been looking for a way to continue my ...

You do not say which state you live in, but your home state may have an on-line state-affiliated college with reasonable tuition which has a nursing program. For example, in New York, we have the Empire College with state tuition available to all NY residents. You also do not say if you have ...
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What are some innovative ideas for school fund ...

Check out my fundraising idea on and then I can tell you all about how the funds continue to come in monthly as opposed to a one time event. Makes perfect sense, contact me soon. Thanks- Iris

Do Charter Schools Drain Money From Public Education?

Charter schools are funded by the district but maintain their own guidlines - not having to follow every whim of the district. They are, from this retired teacher, a far better school. The best school is the Homeschooling ennvironment. Again the district will provide all texts, even computers ...

School administration without teaching?

I think if you hire the right people, you can definitely open up an alternative high school. But you will definitely need the backing of a community that is willing to invest in such an endeavour. Good luck!

How good is your child's high school?

When My Son went to High School, he went to 2 different ones, Both at that time were Rated in the Top, we as in a very high rated District, 26 in Queens, the one he had to take tests to get into, but wanted to be closer to his Fiancee and switch back to other. Sweet G 6/20