how to make your own smudge spray?

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Answered: I need help smudging, what to say, etc

This is from this site: I never tried them personally, but I hope they do the trick for you. Good luck, and may your house become a source of great joy to you and your husband. Suggested works for Blessing, Healing, Protection, Purification ...

Answered: Sprays

We Specialize in Non-aerosol sprays!

Answered: Is there really a spray that you can spray your ...

I would be very, very cautious of any kind of advertised 'spray' designed to stop your dog from barking. I've personally never heard of such a thing and would be willing to bet there's not only harmful chemicals in this product, but that it surely doesn't work...but I guess if it kills your dog, he ...

Answered: Spray White 90

Double-team SPAM. Both need to get better grasp of English language.

Answered: Belle maison-LINEN SPRAY(rose petal). Where can I buy it.

You can find here :

Answered: How to get smudge proof glasse?

I don't think there is such a thing as smudge proof glasses. If you do find a source for them, please let me know. Best of luck.
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i's been two years now! Did You Find Where The Spray WAS

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I wanted to say "could not" in my answer. I apologize for that.

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When the nozzle clogs on a spray can, remove it and soak it in alcohol for about 15 minutes, and then run it under hot water. Put it back on the can and spray. I realize question is being answered at a much later date, but I hope it helps someone who might read it.

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I have no idea. Please ask your doctor.