how to make yard ornaments?

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Answered: Christmas decorations i have a tree shape ornament ...

I haven't got a clue, but this season is going to be very special. I am planning to decorate the stump in the front yard, and then after the X-mas tree is in the den. I have Old Man Harold come over, and sit in front of it and sneeze all he wants. No tinsel.....We're POOR!!!!

Answered: I really like the idea of a memorial ornament to ...

Have a look at and see if there are any ideas there that will suit. Think about his hobbies or interests and see if you can find something that will reflect them. A clock with photo and plaque, engraved jewellery, a hardcover coffee table photobook.....

Answered: Im looking for a hot air balloon ornament (Plastic or glass blown) made

I have inherited two just recently. Wold you be interested?

Answered: I am looking for some ideas of Christmas ornaments ...

I am a nanny of a three year old and I went to michaels store and bought some wooden ornaments that come with markers and glitter glue for about a dollar. They also had those plastic stained glass ones that come with the paint. These are both quick projects.

Answered: How do you know you received the 12 yards?

build a box, 3ft. long X 3ft.wide X 3ft tall. then fill it up, 12 times. what the hell are you going to do with It'?
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I recently came across a hood ornament i believe ...

Sorry was in the middle of 12 things. Wanted to know if it is indeed a Mustang Hood Ornament and if so from what year? All the pics Ihave been looking at seem to show the horse galloping not raised on its hind legs. Thanks for the websites.

I need one mathis brothers furniture oklahoma 2007 christmas ornament

Try e-bay. I have been able to fill most of the holes in my collection, but I am still looking for the 1997 ornament (first in the series).