how to make yard decorations using landscape timbers?

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Answered: Landscaping

You might also consider the fastest and easiest way to eliminate a standing water problem which is to find the lowest point of the area, . . Then look at what is even lower than that point is. With a flat shovel dig a "V" shaped trench about 2 to 3 inches wide as an escape route for the water when ...

Answered: Flooring Timber

Truth be told, Superior Hardwoods will help you find exemplary timber for flooring. They have been consistent in satisfying my needs.

Answered: Who can determine the best plants for a yard in ...

You have to water your plants, especially after they have just been planted. Another problem can be weedkiller, perhaps included with fertilizer; if it kills broadleaf weeds, it will probably kill broadleaf trees if it is applied under the tree.

Answered: Christmas twig tree yard decor where can i find the metal twig trees

Amazon and ebay both list a twig tree, but it's just green - not multicolored. You might check the manufacturer, though. The green twig tree is by LB International and there's also a red & white twig-like outdoor tree by Everstar. Check photos on Amazon to see if either is close to what you're ...

Answered: Where to buy landscape LED lighting to decorate the plaza

Try Lighting Originals they have a great selection and very good prices.
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Texas Sage plants grow big and they like pretty dry conditions and flower after a rain if those parameters are followed. If they get too much water or too little sun--they need full sun--they'll look very ragged. I plant mine with other dry sun loving plants--Spanish lavender, rosemary, lambs ears ...

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Some people think this is a search engine. It is not.

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Would you like me to send my grandkids over to help?

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No need to panic. Whatever you've decided to paint since this was last posted was most likely in a wine shade. Right? If you like plum, you are likely to also like shades of wine and jewel tones. You can gather more ideas how to integrate the chimney into the rest of your decor by using lighting ...