how to make virgin shirley temple jello shots?

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Answered: Jello shots

Simply replace the water in the recipe for vodka and walla you have jello shots. Drink up and enjoy!

Answered: Did you use the large Jell-o box or small? Thanks

Large jello because the small is not enough.

Answered: Shirley Temple

Is she made of bisque?

Answered: How do you make jello shots?

Ingredients: 3 oz Jell-O (any flavor) 6 oz water 6 oz vodka Preparation: Easy version: Pour gelatin into a bowl. Add boiling water, stirring until the gelatin is dissolved. Stir in liquor. Refrigerate until cool. Pour into shot glasses , molds or a baking pan for a sheet of Jell ...

Answered: Shirley Temple picture

I think it's worth whatever you can get for it. You can try to sell it on ebay and see where that gets you. Here is a link to ebay pages on Shirley Temple.

Answered: Unlimited talk, txt and data for virgin mobile

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