how to make venison smokies?

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Answered: Cooking Venison

Yeah, I like her too .

Answered: How can i make a sticky and sweet bbq sauce? the ones i've made always

Hi Lovelybones, give these BBQ sauce recipes a try - they're both thick, sweet and quite tangy. I hope you like them.

Answered: Why are the smokies smoky?

If you are talking about the Smokey Mountains, the air had a bluish haze that looked like thin smoke to the first people to explore the area. I've heard it was caused by downed timber oxidizing (rotting) more rapidly than is usually the case and giving off this smoke-like haze.

Answered: Reheating souffled smokie creams (not frozen)

The oven and the microwave are two options.

Answered: Is this suitable for venison?

It sounds to me like that would work out nicely. The red wine would help to tenderize the venison steaks. I say, give it a try.
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Souffled arbroath smokie creams

Replace Saran Wrap with Reynold's Wrap. Put them into a 275F oven. Eat them when they are warm. Jay

What is meant by Escalopes of Venison, is that like a backstrap?

escalopes refers to meat pieces pounded or tenderized until flat can be done with any meat

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Sorry, I can't tell you one place to stay for snow, other than Gatlinburg. Ober Gatlinburg is the only for sure place that has snow, if it is cold enough. You have to watch the weather and hope you can go right when it snows. It usually doesn't snow that much and doesn't last long. If it has snowed ...