How to make taco toddy cajun drink?

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Answered: Soft or Hard Tacos?

I love tacos. In fact I just made them for dinner last night. I like both soft and hard, though a soft taco to me is a regular taco made with a flour tortilla instead of corn. I don't care what Taco Bell calls em. Anything other than that is a burrito. I am also of the opinion that fish tacos should ...

Answered: 'Cajun'

Rice and Gravy, you can get the recipe Here . Another favorite of mine is boiled crawfish .

Answered: Cajun corn

Sorry, never heard of Cajun Corn.

Answered: Cajun language

NO, Cajun corn from a resturant

Answered: How taco bell got its name

Glen Bell is the founder of Taco Bell, thus the name.
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Chicken Tacos

I love making chicken taco filling in the crock pot. I cut up a pound of chicken breast into small pieces and add on can of diced tomatoes (the kind with green chilies or jalepenos are good), and one packet of taco seasoning. Cook all in the crock pot on low for about 6 hours. It's delicious!

Pulled pork tacos

She baked it. Sounds good can you send me the recipe.