how to make sugar water for honey bees?

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Answered: Does anyone have any good recipes or tips on how to introduce honey into

I toast a piece of bread, butter it, smear peanut butter on it (the kind that one can obtain in a store with a grinder and a plastic bin above it filled with freshly roasted peanuts.), and pour on honey. I also put it in my tea. I buy some home grown honey from Deaton Farms near Memphis. It is quite ...

Answered: Xnwill honey bees kill or damage a live tree? I have bees living in a

I am a certified Arborist In Ohio! No Honey Bees will not hurt your tree. Generally speaking the damage was done and the bees just took advantage of the space that was created by others. Carpenter ants and termites are the wood eaters!

Answered: Who can extract honey from my bee hive in Portland Oregon?

It's tricky to find someone who will extract honey from your beehive. You can try your local beekeepers. They're hard to find, but they're out there. Try: Oregon State Beekeepers Association "Non-profit organization that is dedicated to the field of bees and beekeeping."

Answered: Need recipe for homemade honey bee healthy

this link will give you the recipe

Answered: Honey: a healthier sugar substitute?

Honey contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Raw honey contains more nutritional value than commercial honey since it is not filtered. Source:

Answered:  sugar free honey or juices

i don't know how they could take the suger out of honey as it is naturel. but the other product they mix and combine what ever they can to sell you a product man made. Read the contents very carefully.
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If I add 1 gram of sugar in 100 ml of water, what will be the incremental

Hi Ernesto, The sugar will dissolve in the water without increasing the volume of the water. If you put a stone in the water (that does not dissolve in it) it will increase the volume exactly by the volume of that stone. Best regards,

Africanized bees According to this site you have to measure the forewings or their weight.

Do you use sugar?

I use honey in coffee as a sweetener

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