how to make string on minecraft?

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Answered: How to get players on minecraft server

If you did install different mods and such, Do advertise your server on multiple mine craft sites. Adding mini games and parkours help too. Make MC videos of your server and post them on youtube. These things will probably make your server way more popular. And this will bring you players to your ...

Answered: Minecraft

Snapshots are pre-releases of Minecraft that allow users to try out new features before implemented into an official update for the game. Download the .jar file. After that, open the bin file. Next, you will delete the file minecraft mods. To install the snapshot, you'll need to update your ...

Answered: How do i change accoustic guitar strings?

Here is an easy to follow guide to changing acsoutic guitar strings .

Answered: How much does guitar center charge to change ...

I use Super Slinkys myself. But dude, learn to change strings, seriously. It ain't nothin hard. Top to bottom E G B D A E. Get a tuner, helps a lot. Get a small pair of dykes to trim off the excess string from the tuners. Easy peasy.

Answered: How can i convert the integer into string on linq database by using c#

i see the site that thomas gave yes its is right
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If you have Minecraft Server.exe, Look up the notepad file called server. Open the command prompt then type ipconfig then you will get your ip.To make a server, create a network with your IP and password. In order to make a server for everyone you need port to forward. You can search it in google ...