how to make string on minecraft?

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Answered: Minecraft

Minecraft Server List

Answered: How much does guitar center charge to change ...

I use Super Slinkys myself. But dude, learn to change strings, seriously. It ain't nothin hard. Top to bottom E G B D A E. Get a tuner, helps a lot. Get a small pair of dykes to trim off the excess string from the tuners. Easy peasy.

Answered: How do i change accoustic guitar strings?

Here is an easy to follow guide to changing acsoutic guitar strings .

Answered: Changing strings on my new ovation guitar

Check out my blog on the topic of choosing strings.

Answered: How can i convert the integer into string on linq database by using c#

i see the site that thomas gave yes its is right

Answered: How can I convert float to String in javascript ?? Need ASAP

robertc is very right. In case you may also be looking for String-to-float: that is not as automatic. You can use the globally defined function parseFloat(f). so parseFloat("0003.1415") would result in 3.1415. ParseFloat (and also parseInt) will skip any leading non-number characters btw, such as ...
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The double bass, also called the upright bass or contrabass, is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra . The name, "double bass," derives from the early use of the instrument to double—an octave lower where possible—the bass part written for the ...

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you can also used the SecurityElement.Escape(string) method. Its part of the System.Security namespace. Probably does the same as HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(string) method i found it here:

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