how to make smoke and odor eliminator candles?

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Answered: Odor Eliminating Candles

Depending on the qualities of the odor eliminating candle, it could be temporary or permanent. Most candles use a chemical that actually interferes with the nose's ability to pick up the scent of the odor. These work fairly quick but is actually just an illusion. Other higher quality candles work by ...

Answered: Apart from dealing with doggie accidents that create a short term mess or

Agree...Nature's Miracle is an excellent product for that problem...available in most pet stores. The Planet Urine web site also has excellent products. You can order online.

Answered: If my kitten got sprayed with febreze pet odor eliminator will it harm

Based on some studies those kind of formula and products are safe for animals well most Canada pet meds are approving such products

Answered: Odor in freezer/refrigerator

get a new fridge im sure the odor is unbearable,why take a chance gross

Answered: Getting rid of smoke odors

Order a product called BANISH Personal Smoke Deodorizer. You will be amazed, it completely eliminates the odor of smoke from your Clothing, Hair and Skin!!! And the best part... The price starts at only $3.99 a bottle :-)

Answered: Getting rid of couch odor

try putting baking soda on the sofa-rub in lightly-leave on for 2 hours and vacuum up
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My dogs have been peeing in my backyard for 20 years and there is no urine smell. I suspect it's really some kind of plumbing problem.

What is the best way to start to making candles ...

First, set up a safe area to make candles. Whatever you do, do not put direct flame under hot wax! I use a double boiler made of a two gallon steel can inside another steel can, that one is five gallon, with a spacer to hold the inner can off the bottom of the outer can. The rings to wide mouth ...

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Try lighting a scented candle (but don't leave it unattended...). The candle might absorb some of the burnt odor. If it still doesn't work, try cleaning the surface with some vinegar.It will get rid of the smell, but you have to ventilate the area well or you'll be stuck with the smell of ...

Do You Like Candles?

I love a good natural wax candle. The perfume needs to be injected throughout the candle so there is a scent to the very end. There should be a good quality wick also.