how to make shoebox race car track school project?

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Answered: What is the value of this Aurora race car set..It has a date of 1968 and

I don't believe there is a way to actually put a price on this. I have a couple of sets from when I was young and have been carting them with me for the last 40-45 years. Look around at different web sites and get a feel of what you think you can get. Do you still have it? Do you have any pictures ...

Answered: Race track insurance help

Thanks for the tip, I have searced almost everywhere but there. Thanks -

Answered: Where can I get good reliable tips for racing a FWD race car on a banked

I never raced a FWD vehicle, but I haved owned several FWD vehicles in my time. My answer. One thing you should is, KEEP POWER TO THE WHEELS IN THE TURNS. But like every thing else, you could break traction, if you over-power. I'am wondering, if a FWD vehicle wouldn't "drift" better than a RWD ...

Answered: Danica Patrick and stock car racing

Danica Patrick has won many car racing championships. She is my favorite car racer driver. She has won many championships. Carlos Kauffman is also my favorite car racer driver.

Answered: Writing projects?

If you assigned any of your work to anyone else, then you face two things: 1. You will not have the information you will need at final exams. 2. You will be expelled for plagiarism.

Answered: Greyhound racing

Close to Tampa, there's Derby Lane in St. Petersburg.
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Help to get started in dirt track racing

The only real help I know of is going around to local businesses and asking them to help sponsor your race car. As sponsors they can put their ad on various parts of your car to help advertise their business at your asking price for that car panel. Hope this helps you out.

Ohio car race tracks

There are many car racing tracks in Ohio. I prefer Limaland Motorsports Park.. I just love to car racing. I used to watch NGT Motorsports Championships. Carlos Kauffman is my favorite car racer driver.

Can you find a sarcofacus that I can make for my school project?

If what you are looking for is a picture of a sarcophagus,(and you don't care what culture it is from, Google King Tutankhamun (Tut)