how to make sauerkraut less sour?

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Answered: Recipe for Matunke/Sauerkraut Cookies?

I am researching the orgin of this treat, as I made a batch this afternoon. My Great Grandma's notes say: 1 quart sauerkraut ( preferrably homemade) well drained 1 cup craklings 1 tsp salt (reduce if using store bought sauerkraut) 2 tsps caraway 1 cup flour ( more as needed) Roll out and put ...

Answered: Unpasteurized sauerkraut juice

The following link will take you to a store that sells Raw Unpasturized Sauerkraut juice.It's about $79.00 for 15 bottles, each 250mls, so it should last about 2 weeks if you have one a day. Hope this helps.

Answered: Want to buy Kosher Sour pickles

You can make your own Kosher pickles if you've a mind to (find recipes on or purchase sour pickles ready to eat; your choice. Here are a couple of web sites which may offer just what you want: ...

Answered: Sour dough bread starter and bread too

here's a recipe which takes time but doesn't use commercial yeast for amish friendship bread starter and for the bread itself: AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD STARTER 3 c. sugar 3 c. flour 3 c. milk On Day 1: In glass or plastic bowl, combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour and 1 cup milk. Stir ...

Answered: Sour dough bread and kitchen aid stand mixer, does starter work ok in the

DAvid Musgrove I can not believe you don't know the answer to that question, Love your sister

Answered: Typical leftist sour grapes.

Leftists/Muslims are stupid. Lester/Tadpole is a leftist.
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Sauerkraut for 100 people

My suggestion is that you buy sauerkraut in the plastic bags, not cans. The cans give it a metal flavor (to me). I like all the different sausages, and corned beef too. It's all good. and I agree that it is weird to like sauerkraut but not cabbage. I like both. ;-)

What makes sour candies and gums so delicious?

It is actually quit simple, after your taste buds were bombarded with “sourness”; “sweetness” is really noticeable. Compared with regular candy, sour candy doesn’t give your "mouth" enough time to get use to the taste.

What and Why

malic acid adds extreme tartness to candy. citric acid is also used for a slightly sour taste in others. for the shock value when it hits your taste buds is most likely why its done