how to make santa clause with apple and gumdrops and marshmellows?

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Answered: I can't abide Santa Claus!

Why does Tadpole think that showing concern is sick and depraved? Is that because ALL Muslim suicide bombers are that corrupt and evil? Or is it just the pederast false prophet that died of venereal disease? That is why Muslims oppose Christmas, because Christmas is the time of year when we prove ...

Answered: Poncho Clause

Pancho Navidad or Pancho Claus is the Latin American Santa. There is a book that takes the story of "The Night Before Christmas" and tweaks it to teach children some Spanish. Go to this link here and be sure you view the entire page. I think the book is available at Amazon: ...

Answered: First santa

St. Nicholas was born in Turkey in the 4th century.

Answered: Is there a Santa letter for children who have been told he isn't real by

I find that it is best to dismiss such heresies as Santa Claus, and concentrate on actual fact: Saint Nicholas wore a red sut and white linen cuffs, but he also held a Shepherd's staff and wore the mitre of an Archbishop. Saint Nicholas doesn't live at the North Pole. He lives in the memory of all ...

Answered: Where can my grandaughter visit Santa in, or near, Saint Cloud, FL? I

You might check the Santa Directory at

Answered: What did you put in your Santa Claus Letter this year?

Could we all assemble around the White House with bagpipe, ocarina, harmonica, and accordions (all slightly out of tune) and sing for Obatty? here is the song I'd like to start with............
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Should Santa have been fired?

Should Santa have been fired? on AOL Answers. Santa got a little carried away, no big deal, no he should not be fired.

Would it matter to kids whether Santa is true or not?

I never gave my kids any illusions about Santa Claus. However, I told them the real story about Saint Nicholas -- the man who listened to God, provided dowries to indigent young women, sat on the Council of Nicea, and far more. Nicholas' life seems torn from the pages of high adventure stories ...

What is a gumdrop pacifier and how do they differ from regular

Many Moms seem to like it because it is really soft and simulates the tenderness of the breast.

Do I tell my children the truth about Santa Clause?

What is truth? The wonder of Santa Claus in the mind of a child should be left for the child to learn on their own. This is not like telling your kids about the birds and the bees. What is the harm in them believing for as long as they'll want to. The beauty of them finding out on their own is they ...