how to make remington rand 45cal grips?

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Answered: What does a key grip do?

If you've ever stayed through the final credits of a movie, you may have wondered what a key grip or gaffer or best boy actually do to earn recognition. In the case of a key grip, the answer is that they do a significant amount of legwork and spend many hours on set construction for movies and ...

Answered: Remington mohawk 10C

I imagine what you are saying is that your rifle will manually chamber and cock the striker but upon firing there is not sufficient recoil inertia to chamber and recock the rifle. Without disassembly to view the internal workings, it could be one of two or both problems. 1. The operating system ...

Answered: Glass bottle with molded finger grips

We have lots of them. Clear glass, screw top, round, quart size. "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle" just below shoulder. Finger grips for right hand. Neck and shoulder ribbed, decoration resembles that on Jim Beam. We live in an old hunting camp in rural Tampa Bay area & found lots ...

Answered: Remington 7600 Mag 10 Round in 30-06

You can try a place called Brownells. They have all kinds of gun parts. Thier phone number is 1-800-741-0015. E-Mail is:

Answered: Preferable with barrel rib looking for remington 600 rifle in 243 or

i am looking for a remington 600 hunting rifle in the 243 or 6 mm caliber.
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Remington rand 45 auto what is the value?

To get an honest price you best off going to a legitimate gun buyer . If you look on the Internet, you are going to find prices covering such a wide range that you will have no idea who is telling the truth and who is ripping you off.

How to remove injectors on a Remington 3200?

The main thing is to get out on your rhythm, tuck into a good position, then focus on relaxation. Stay within striking dist etc

What is the best .45cal hollowpoint on the market?

I would use a 230-grain Winchester SXT or Federal's Hydra-Shok. They are designed to expand upon impact with soft tissue very good for live targets. Talking about getting the job done. I also like .45 ACP +P but it's just what you like and how you use them.

What is the value of a Remington .222 made in the czech republic?

The price will vary considerably based on condition, manufacturer, and quality. to get more info, post the brand name, model number, and type, i.e. bolt action, pump, lever, etc: