how to make recipe for vincents clam bar medium sauce for fried shrimp?

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Answered: Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp is a great option. I season mine in a lemon pepper marinade that you normally use for chicken. I then put them on skewers for easier grilling. The cooking time is usually about 3 minutes per side, but you really need to cook until they are white and no longer fleshy and pink. We also ...

Answered: Coconut cream sauce and shrimp, i need a reciept

Sorry Helen, I an only find a recipe with a number of ingredients that add a bit more flavor to the bland cream sauce.

Answered: Are there any good copy cat recipes for Long John Silver's fish or

Hi, I found a few at this site: You might want to look in the related pages to the right as well. Penny Finn

Answered: Vincent's sauce recipe

Vincent is gone and he took his recipes with him. The whole situation was very sad. We may never know what actually happened that day.

Answered: What is the recipe for Juicy Lucy Beans?

"Juicy Lucy" beans were ordinary pinto beans dyed purple and soaked in LSD. There is no "recipe." And it is something only a typical brainless hippie would want.

Answered: What is a good recipe for fried shrimp that would ...

hope this could help, its my fave. :)
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