how to make raising cane's texas toast?

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Answered: Walking canes/san diego

If you must buy one locally, check the local hospital gift shops. Ours here carries handmade canes. But if you want the A#1 best walking stick/cane/weapon made, check out a Bubba Stik. It's what I got, and I've been more than thrilled with it. From their standard stik to custom built, you won't find ...

Answered: Greek drinking toasts

I know this short one : "Ya-MAs" This is the well known expression "cheers",which you may encounter in bars or restaurants. The word "yamas" consists of two words: "eyeia" (health) and "mas" (our). In other words "our Health". Also you may hear "yia soy" which means "your health" since "sou" means ...

Answered: How and when do you give a wedding toast?

You normally give the wedding toast after your wedding breakfast but some couples will have all of the toasts before the breakfast so that everyone can relax and enjoy the day, it is really up to you and when you want to do it! Here is a list of the order of who says what when

Answered: Does French Toast keep?

Of course you can if you use the right recipe, and you have heard of "Frozen", .. First try one of Julia Child's, use a good thick Brioche Bread, not all milk, but Half and Half, plenty of eggs, I add sugar, pinch salt, and real extract flavoring, and I soak really well, and fry in a mostly oil and ...

Answered: Best man toast

This web site has some very good ideas.
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How do you make french toast?

lior8 Answered: that's easy 4 slices of white bread / challa 2 eggs 1 cup milk oil or butter for frying or combination of both Sprinkle o salt dip each slice in milk then in beaten eggs fry on both sides. top with mayble or honey, sugar or salt ...

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