how to make praying mantis halloween costume?

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Answered: Praying mantis

I don't care if they're endangered or not, I'm just happy to have them around.(even if they do eat their mate)

Answered: Is Halloween in November in other countries?

All Hallow's Evening goes back many centuries. It is fixed by the church calender on 31Oct. The term Halloween first appeared in the 16th century.

Answered: Halloween costumes for adults

Anything Goes Some people can get away with anything.

Answered: Are There Original Costumes for Halloween for Boys?

Yea, try Batman or Spiderman. A super-hero is really classic for guys.

Answered: Do You Pull All Stops on Your Halloween Costume?

Darth Vader! Loved wearing the mask, the black cape, and fighting other trick-or-treaters with my light saber. Even guys from "the dark side" get lots of candy!

Answered: Why costumes on Halloween?

because Holloween is suppose to be a scary holiday so people started to dress up really scarry to scare all of there friends and that's why costumes are worn on Holloween
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