how to make picture hanging strips in day care center?

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Answered: How can I hang a picture on a glass surface

I believe they sell suction cup hangers for this purpose.

Answered: What should i look for in a baby sitter? especially one who would be

Find someone that you trust and make sure that you have a few supervised meetings of them with your children. Ask for references and check them out!

Answered: How do I change/delete profile picture in AOL mail?

Hey, Been quite a while since I changed my avatar and finally found out how on link given or cut and paste link: ? and sign in under your AOL account. Good luck, KML :)

Answered: Do I send them the name of the fight is on it actually shows her picture

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is obsessed with Tadpole. The porn poster is too. Could they be the same poster?

Answered: How many employee required for a day care center that has moe then ten

Quality child care facilities have a ratio no greater than: toddler; one adult per 4 children, 3 year-olds; one adult per 7 or 8 children, 4 & 5 year-olds; one adult for every 8 to 10 children.

Answered: Hanging high past

There is no set rule but it should be no less than 20 to 25 cm from the top of the couch if it is a large painting. I would suggest that someone hold the painting and adjust the height until it looks comfortable to the eye.
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It depends on if you want to work with children or adults. Each state has its own requirements, but the typical answer is 40 hours of classes offered through Children and Families. Some employers also require first aid.

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He should do well there. If it is a good daycare, they will exercise him, give him attention, etc. If he is kenneled then no, he probably won't be that happy.