how to make pepper shooters?

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Answered: How to cut hot pepper in spaghetti sauce

Dear Sharon, If your sauce is too hot with Jalapino peppers try some other peppers with less heat or leave the peppers out altogether.

Answered: When do you pick banana peppers?

I would advise it. They will eventually turn red and get leathery. I've never grown the hot variety, but I would imagine they get more potent as they get darker.

Answered: Pepper problems

Excerpt from UFL Web siteControl of the disease is through integrated management techniques. The disease should not be introduced on infected plants. Only seeds that are pathogen-free should be planted. Transplants should be kept clean by controlling weeds and solanaceous volunteers around the ...

Answered: Is pepper good for me?

As I know, pepper has a lot of health benefits. For example, it is very effective for weight loss, as it contains capsaicinoids compounds which increase your body metabolism via promoting thermogenesis and thus causing significant fat and calories burning. But it is very uncomfortable to consume in ...

Answered: What size and color does a hobanero pepper need to be when it is ready to

It will turn Orange or Red "depending on variety" when ready to use. The size is totaly environmental..... Mine get to be about 1" - 1 1/2" in diameter. Tip...... wear disposible gloves when handling, the juices will severly irritate skin and eyes
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Recipes using italian fryer peppers- I have Italian fryer peppers growing

i usually wash cut and fry in extra vigin olive oil with fresh garlic and salt and pepper just until a little soft. also if you have any leftover i make a frittata with eggs ,onion, garlic ans cherrie tomatoes. really delicius. just touch the bottom with olive oil. can serve as is or on panini ...

Where can I learn about the best pepper sprays to purchase for self

We actually have a blog post about this very subject! You can check it out here:

Can you put to much bone meal to pepper plants i used one table spoon

Alan: You should be fine. My 1988 How to Grow Vegetables Organically book also recommends, "In July, sprinkle a handful of bonemeal around each plant and renew the grass clipping mulch." "Grass clippings make the best mulch for peppers because they hold considerable amounts of water, and the ...

Can i freeze green cayenne peppers

yes you can freeze green cayenne peppers. wash them and put in zip lock bags, or small plastic containers . either whole ans cut up