how to make patron bottle tiki torches?

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Answered: Where can I buy replacement tiki torch canisters?

i have 8 of the tiki torches and have been on computer for 2 days found nothing my hubby came home from work and within 5 minutes he found them for 3.99 each at out local hardware store they are a 'DO IT BEST" brand name hardware so check your local hardware i am glad i didn't have to ...

Answered: Who is the patron saint of train crews

Can you show me in the Bible where it says we should pray to any other thing or person the GOD. Not his mother,not his brother, not one follower of Jesus is mentioned to pray to. You do yourself and God the greatest dis service when you pray to anything else. Remember the golden calf???

Answered: Where is kon tiki filmed?

A small part was filmed in Peru, most was done in Norway, and the very end of the voyage was when the raft grounded on Raroia Island in the Tuamotu Island Group in the South Pacific Ocean. If you want a great read, try the original book by Thor Heyerdahl.

Answered: How to install torch down roof (video )

If the previous roof is stable you can install the new roof over the old roof. If there are already two roofs in place, then remove both of them before you start. If the roof has been pulled up to access the wood deck underneath, then those low spots need to be filled in so that that final deck ...

Answered: Cobalt Blue Bottle (Mifflene)

thank ya much Balrog. It's in pretty good shape to.

Answered: What does the Blackberry Torch offer that the Curve doesn't?

Is there a reason why you can't evaluate the pros and cons and make up your own mind? Furthermore, is there a reason why you must refer to an article as a basis of every question? As far as I'm concerned, if you are too dense to think of your own questions, then you're too dense to understand ...
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I prefer to install a strip of modified bitumen upside down under a drip edge which was treated with asphalt primer. I mechanically fasten the modified bitumen to the base sheet, prime the top of the metal edge, mechanically fasten the drip edge then torch the new modified bitumen down. It keeps a ...

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