how to make origami charmander?

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Answered: Origami Dove making

Oops. the more elaborate one is made with an 8" doily, I like!!! Holiday Origami - Origami Dove Beautifical.

Answered: Easy Origami figures

Yeah, Swan - is just a perfect one

Answered: How to make gohei (shinto paper zigzags)

Have a look at this site which has a video of how to make shimenawa, click here . I hope this helps

Answered: Origami paper

Thank you Penguin Party. Madsen
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How to make an origami arceus pokemon?

its impossible people say but it is possible i dont know how to make one but i know for a fact it is possible just keep looking for the origami awnser good luck

How to make a origami omega star just one piece of paper?

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How to make 3-D Origami Shirt gift box?

Greai idea i will try it.

Can you tell me how to Fold a Divider for an Origami Box?

Do you want to divide your origami paper box into four neat little compartments? Read on to learn how to do this! Click on any of the photos to enlarge. See Image edit Steps Fold an Origami Box from a coloured square of paper. See Image See Image It looks like a diamondRotate the other ...